Anna Barons Group

Anna Barons is a furniture and interior design and production group. Anna Barons companies provide interior and furniture design services, furniture and interior object production, soft furniture and textile product creation, as well as servicing.

Since 2007 Anna Barons, a furniture and interior brand, renown for its quality in design, production and services, is tending its clients in Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt and beyond.


Anna Barons brand expertise is cultivated in three core hubs of design, furniture and habitat:

Design hub Solid Concept functions as a research and development center. Solid Concept is where the product, interior designs and engineering solutions are created.

The interior solutions and furniture production branch Fine Line produces furniture and interior objects, provides logistics, mounting and restoration services.

Fabric, in close cooperation with designers, engineers and master carpenters, provides upholstery, soft material and fabric creations. Fabric creates soft furniture, interior accessories, curtains and bed linen.